Tales of an Uninspiring Jackass

Philadelphia. 22. Sports Junkie. Movie Buff. TV Fantatic. Music Lover. College Student. I have a slight obsession with the following: Community, Parks and Recreation, Breaking Bad, Arrested Development, Quentin Tarantino, Pop Punk, Fight Club, Ghostbusters, the Philadelphia Phillies and Flyers, Penn State, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Scrubs.

don vito learns “mexican”

Living the life of luxury tonight in the Hall of Fame Club.

Oops. I’m slightly drunk.

It makes me feel really shitty knowing that not one person on my dad’s side of the family (or even my dad for that matter) has wished me a happy birthday.

The Scope Of All This Rebuilding


Send a birthday card. 

Leave a one-way note. 

I lied.

I’m sorry.

This isn’t easy.

I don’t know.